History of Vivant

Our founder Justin took to the streets of Boston in 2011, selling his vintage collection out of the cart he constructed to resemble a tiny house that he pulled by tricycle, his “Tour De Pance”  touring Boston, popping up at different locations with his mobile clothing store.

In May of 2013 Justin was offered the opportunity to sell at the Brimfield Antiques Show. For the July show he was able to acquire a permanent space for the Traveling Spectacular in Quaker Acres and brought Emmy with him to help him sell. Emmy and Justin fell in love at the antiques show that July. 


By the spring of 2014, Justin had secured a space for a permanent set up in Lower Allston, MA. He spent many weeks helping the previous tenant move out and renovating the space the shop is in now. On June 25th, 2014 Vivant Vintage opened its doors. With the combination of Justin’s gusto and knack for sales and Emmy’s wealth of retail experience they set off together their entrepreneurial journey at the young ages of 24 and 21. The shop is now celebrating 10 years in Lower Allston with a team that grows yearly.