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Timothee Chalamet wearing vintage US Military curated by Vivant Vintage in Netflix's "Don't Look Up" 2021.

Wardrobe and Prop Rental

Our collection is available for professional use. From aspiring photographers to feature length films, Vivant has you covered.

Rental rate is 1/3 retail price. Minimum rental $100 for first time rentals, $75 for returning clients. Rental term 7-10 days.

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Large Scale Sourcing

The Vivant Team is able to source props and costumes of any kind on demand, having experience working with indie and large scale prop and wardrobe departments. We're able to source wardrobe for entire films on a short timeline. Each project is assessed on a case by case basis and inquiring clients should request a phone appointment with one of the owners of Vivant. Vivant has done wardrobe for many films, tv shows, and Broadway theater productions. 

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We are here to assess you and all of your needs including the always daunting task of styling.
We can work with you to secure a wardrobe that will fit any of your engagements and events, let it be for special occasions or the day to day hustle of the Boston lifestyle.
Please contact us for an appointment or stop by the store to chat with us and figure out what we can help you with. 

Space Rental

Are you interested in hosting an event, photo or video shoot at Vivant?

The space is available for rent outside of store hours, that is before 11 am or after 6 pm. This is to ensure the privacy of our customers as well as an organized and interruption free space for your project. We offer hourly rates with a three hour minimum as we must have a staff member present. To rent the space please send an email to and we can discuss how to best accommodate this!