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This unique Orgonite pyramid has been intentionally crafted to bring physical and emotional health into your life. These carefully selected crystals are amplified by the constant pressure of the resin, which resembles the pressure when crystals are underground. The pyramid shape promotes healing, amplifies life force energy, and moves energy to promote flow and cleansing. 

The Healer has a citrine tip. Citrine promotes motivation, self expression, joy and happiness. It is energizing and recharging, helping the body reverse disease and balance chemicals. Citrine helps release negative habits, fears and depression. 

Encircling the Citrine tip is Moonstone. Moonstone carries divine feminine energy, connecting us to our emotions and intuition. Connected to the element of water, moonstone allows for emotional clarity and release.

Amethyst is the next stone in the pyramid, bringing in strong healing and cleansing powers. Amethyst helps soothe fear, anxiety, anger, sadness and grief while stabilizing emotions. It encourages sobriety by stimulating the mind and the third eye center, increasing intuition and spiritual connection. 

Kyanite blades in the four corners create a bridge of energy between the crystals and the user. It helps repair relationships through aiding in self expression and communication. It also bridges gaps between people or disharmony in the self. Chakra balance is another one of Kyanite’s superpowers, as well as the ability to cleanse other gemstones. 

A circle of Turquoise strengthens the physical and psychic immune systems. It is detoxifying, anti-inflammatory and helps heal the breath, lungs, throat, stomach, brain and more. Traditionally, turquoise is thought to be the merger of earth and sky, the combination of masculine and feminine energies. 

Tigers Eye helps us recognize the underlying unity between opposite extremes. Carries the energy of the sun and the earth, it helps you harness your willpower to create healthy change. The sun aspect of the energy also helps alleviate depression and anxiety. Perseverance, sobriety, vitality and strength are associated with Tiger’s Eye.

XS Measures 1.2”L x 1.2”W x 1.2”H

Small Measures 2”L x 2”W x 2”H

Medium Measures 2.32”L x 2.32”W x 2.375”H

Please understand that as this is a handmade item made from organic material, no two pyramids are exactly the same. There may be minor imperfections such as an air bubble or piece of glitter in the casting.


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