"Frontliner" Reusable Bandana Face Covering by Vivant

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Product Description

"The Frontliner"
This 4 layer reusable face covering was designed by Emmy Ember for Vivant Vintage.

Item Specs

The outer layer features a made in USA bandana. The inner two layers are made of a non woven polypropelene material. The final layer is a cotton lining that includes a pocket for an additional filter, or can be flipped up for additional air flow. 

The Frontliner features a contoured design that cups under the chin. The chin dart and elastic create a seal under the chin which makes for a very snug, comfortable fit. 

The pleats expand to create space around the mouth so it doesn’t shift or break seal while talking or breathing. The nose wire creates a secure fit so the it doesn’t ride up. There is an elastic band that goes over the head and a tie that ties behind the neck. This is great for people who have to wear a another covering underneath that goes over the ears, or anyone who wants to wear earrings!

We have received lots of positive feedback about the comfort of The Frontliner Face Covering, and think it's great for people who have to wear a coverings for long hours, picky kids and anyone who wants style and comfort!

Sizing Fit Guide
Small - Youth, teens and small adults
Medium- Most adults (If you aren't sure, you're probably a medium)
Large - People who wear mens large/ xl (great for people with beards)

Wear and Care

Before wearing your covering, toss it in a pot of boiling water or laundry to sterilize it. Place your hand inside the covering and expand your hand to expand the pleats fully. Tug on the lining so it lays nice and flat. Pinch the nose wire so the covering dries in a shape that will be contoured to your face. Either lay the covering flat to dry on a clean surface or hang it on a hook.  We pre-wash all of our materials but recommend that you wash the covering yourself before use. 

DO NOT PUT COVERING IN THE DRYER! It causes the elastic to wear out much faster and will compromise the longevity and shape of the covering. You'll be much happier with your covering if it is just hung on a hook to dry. If you need your covreing dried in a rush, use a hairdryer to speed up the drying process.

Once your covering is dry, place it on your face. Reshape the nose wire if needed. Place the elastic either high on your head or at ear level, whichever is more comfortable. Tie the ties behind your neck. 
 We are using recommended guidelines to create this covering.
 We’ve gone through great efforts to try to design the best covering, “The Frontliner” we have seen available for personal use on the market. 2 layers of cotton minimum has been recommended. Our covering has 2 layers of cotton, with two layers non woven interfacing and a pocket to add an additional layer. We recommend using coffee filters, HVAC air filters, or vacuum bags to make your own filters.
We are designers, not scientists, but we think we did a pretty damn good job. Any and all feedback is welcome.
Designed in Boston. Manufactured in Los Angeles.

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