Crystal Keychain

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Amethyst Keychain 

Stress relief, sobriety, meditation, sleep aid. 

Rose Quartz Keychain

Heart opener, self love, love and friendship.

Citrine Keychain

Confidence, joy, prosperity, increases energy.

Geode Keychain

Divine feminine, inner flow, energy healing.

Quartz Keychain

Master healer, energy amplifier.

Agate Slice Keychain 

Enhances mental function, improves concentration, enhances perception and analytical abilities.

Lapis Keychain

Strength, courtage, wisdom.

Larvikite Keychain

Protection, grounding, cleansing to the subtle bodies, facilitates a strong connection with the energies of earth, helps to connect with the spirits of nature, stimulates inner visions, enhances psychic abilities.

Black Tourmaline Keychain 

Grounding energies to the earth, cleanses aura, psychic protection from negative entities, getting rid of negative thoughts, releases anger, releases unworthiness.

Please note: These are natural objects. All pieces are unique and will slightly differ from the pieces photographed.

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